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Improving quality of scaled <IMG>'s

When you change the width and height of images to something wierd, you may notice it always looks horrific. This is because IE uses the most crude (and fastest) of scaling algorthms by default. However, you can add this bit of CSS to change this.

img { -ms-interpolation-mode : bicubic; } 
/* Its possible you might need the below code for IE8. Who knows. */
img { -ms-interpolation-mode : bicubic; ms-interpolation-mode: bicubic; } 

With the above CSS added to your style sheet, images on your page should (thoretically) look smoother in IE 7 and up.


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Xymon 11/05/14 :  

@Noah: Would it be alright if I added a few tips on the Web Development tips and Secrets page? and, p.s., you have it as "Web Developerment" LOL

Xymon 11/05/14 :  

You really should do away with the shadow div behind the tooltips and replace it with css3's box-shadow. This seems compatible enough and since ie9 and ff4 have been doing better keeping up with chrome, I doubt compatibility will ever be a problem. Plus it generally just looks better than a solid element.