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About Jwee, Features And Philosophy

jWee has. . .

  • Smooth Animations: Run 200 simultanous tweens per second at 30/fps with 10% cpu usage and no memory leaks after hours of continuous running. Does that give you the idea? Click here to see :-)
  • Simple AJAX: Make ajax requests in 1 line of code.
  • Events handling: Create events without the fuss and hassle. jWee includes shortcuts for the most common things, such as onRollOver behavior for those who know flash.
  • Extended DOM: jWee extends DOM elements in the same way as Prototype. jWee utilizes native prototype extensions now available in 3rd generation browsers, including Internet Explorer 8. Extending native prototypes is far more effecient than using simulated prototypes. However, for IE 6 or 7, jWee will fall back to those.
  • Easy to learn: If you are familiar with the Prototype framework, you'll find that jWee most of the same function names. If you like jQuery's creative use of the dollar sign, you'll find that jWee does this too.
  • This javascript library is still under testing. A stable canidate will be available soon.

Javascript that's. . .

  • Useful features without the extra weight
  • Speed, performance
  • Familiar coding style
  • Lots of flavors to chose from
  • Open and free


  • does not require any other framework, frodo is one with all.
  • does not attempt to rewrite the meaning of javascript into elegant badly performing code
  • does not provide class inheritence or any other psuedo-OOP functionality
  • does not make you do anything you dont want to
  • is not compatible with developers who do not know basic javascript

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