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Get Jwee!

Select the packages you want to include in your jwee compilation. You should select only what you need for best performance on a production site. The javascript file created for you here will be minified and munged. (Non-munged versions are not available at this moment in time.)

Options and add-ons


(Required) Jwee's core components.

  Core - Events

(Required) Jwee's event handling components.

  Core - Elements

(Required) Jwee's DOM and element components.

  Core - Ajax

If you want Ajax support, you need this.

  Core - Effects

The animation, tweening, and other effects libraries.

  Add-on - Flash (experimental)

For dealing with .swf flash movies.

  Add-on - Tooltips (experimental)

Add-on module for cool tooltips and help baloons.

  Add-on - Lightbox (experimental)

JWee's rendition of the popular Lightbox.


Inclulde debugging support, for development and testing.

After selecting your options,
click compile!

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LJay 06/03/14 :  

Should work now! (downloader)

Da UG 11/05/14 :  

its4real just hit me

Xymon 11/05/14 :  

Frameworks make JavaScript easier, how would I be a newb for not making javascript easier? Your logic is flawed, good sir.

TheDoctor 11/05/14 :  

You do realise the downloader isn't working, right??